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FFL Firearm Transfer
What you should know...

Vertex Ops Corp. is a Type 07 Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) with Special Occupational Tax Stamp (SOT) 2

What you need to know about purchasing a firearm, including lower receivers, online:

If you are considering purchasing a firearm (Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun, or Lower Receiver) from Vertex Ops please note that we MUST ship it to your preferred local FFL unless you are a resident of the State of Arizona and you can physically come to our location for the transfer in person. It will be the FFL the firearm is shipped to that will have you fill out the ATF form 4473 for the required NICS background check before transferring the firearm to you.

Vertex Ops Corp. charges a MINIMUM Mandatory Fee for all shipments containing one or more firearms. No promotion, discount, or coupon will discount or reduce this fee unless explicitly stated in the details of the promotions.

Please CLICK HERE for an in-depth explanation of our Firearm Shipping Policy and Fees

By placing an order with Vertex Ops Corp. or on VertexOps.com which contains one or more firearms, you are indicating your complete understanding and agreement to all appliciable policies and any associated fees.

Sending Vertex Ops Corp. an FFL file copy via EMAIL - PREFERRED

Email Address: FFL@VertexOps.com

IMPORTANT: The subject line of the email MUST include the FULL NAME of the customer who placed the order with us. If they can also include your Vertex Ops order number that would be appreciated but it's not required.

Sending Vertex Ops Corp. an FFL file copy via FAX

Fax Number: +1 (480) 582-0376

IMPORTANT: The fax cover letter MUST include the FULL NAME of the customer who placed the order with us. If they can also include your Vertex Ops order number that would be appreciated but it's not required.

Below is an example of how the purchase and FFL firearm transfer process works when purchasing a firearm from Vertex Ops Corp. or on VertexOps.com.

1) When you know you're in the market for a firearm, first check with your local FFL to make sure they are willing to accept a firearms transfer for you from another FFL. Most do, but some will not, so ask around if the first one says no.

2) Don't forget to ask how much they will charge you for a firearm transfer fee. We have seen the transfer fee range from $20 to $75 but it's up to the individual FFL to decide how much they want to charge. Usually the charge is per firearm transferred.

3) Once you know your FFL will accept a transfer and you're ok with their transfer fee, pick out the firearm (a stripped or complete AR lower receiver is still a firearm) on VertexOps.com and place your order.

4) After placing the order on VertexOps.com, contact your local FFL and ask them to EMAIL or FAX us a copy of their license using the email address or fax number provided above. Please don't ask or expect them to give you a copy of their license. They should never provide a non-licensee with a copy of their license. A copy of the FFL's license must be received within 5 business days after your order is placed or it will be subject to cancellation. We will always attempt to contact you prior to canceling your order.

5) Once we have received and verified your local FFL's license, the firearm will be packaged and shipped to the FFL's address.

6) Once your local FFL receives the firearm you can pick it up from them. Of course, they will require you to first fill out the ATF Form 4473 and they will call in your information to NICS before transferring the firearm to you.

Please Note: The exact process the local FFL must follow to transfer a firearm to an individual and any waiting period required may differ based on the State's laws and regulations governing firearm transfers to individuals.

What if NICS Denies Your Application for Transfer?

In the event that NICS denies your application for transfer of the firearm it will not be transferred to you and will be kept in the possession of the local FFL. If that FFL agrees to return the firearm to us, the original purchase price of the firearm minus shipping costs AND a 25% restocking fee will only be refunded once the firearm has been returned to Vertex Ops in the condition it was when we originally shipped it. All return shipping costs and logistics are your responsibility and will need to be worked out directly with the local FFL who is in possession of the firearm.

As always, if you aren't sure about something or have questions regarding the process of purchasing a firearm, please don't hesitate to
Contact Us.

Click here to pay for your FFL Transfer Fee if you are transferring a firearm to Vertex Ops Corp. in Phoenix, Arizona.

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