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Real-Time Inventory and Backorder Policy
Updated on May 13, 2015

The stock or inventory status for products sold on VertexOps.com is real-time and updated continuously as new orders are placed and as new inventory is received.

As a general rule, when shopping on VertexOps.com, if the site allows you to add an item to your shopping cart, that indicates the item is available to ship within 72 Hours or less.

Any exceptions to this for items that are OUT OF STOCK but CAN still BE ADDED TO THE SHOPPING CART and ordered, will be noted on that individual product's page. Such information with either be in the "SITREP" section, or at the top of the product "Description" section.

  • These will usually be products that are not regularly stocked by Vertex Ops due to variations and customizations that are available to them.

  • Products that can be Pre-Ordered before they are shipped from the manufacturer may be available to purchase prior to being in-stock.

  • There are a small number of items in which we can reliably and consistently get from the manufacturer/s in a predictable and timely manner. For these items, in the event they are out of stock on VertexOps.com, you will still be able to add them to the shopping cart and submit the order.

Available Quantity Conflicts

If you attempt to order a specific quantity of an item which exceeds the quantity we have in-stock at that time, you will be presented with a message notifying you of the discrepancy and you will only be able to add the in-stock quantity of that item to your shopping cart.

If you attempt to place an item in your shopping cart which is out of stock, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED ON THAT PRODUCT PAGE, you will be notified that the item is out of stock and cannot be added to the shopping cart for backorder.

In-Stock Notifications

To be notified automatically as soon as an out of stock item is back in-stock, you may sign up to receive an In-Stock Notification Email by clicking the link on each item page and entering your email address for each item you want to be sent a notification for.

Please note that once an item is back in-stock, In-Stock Notification Emails are sent simultaneously to everyone who has signed up to be notified about that particular item. Depending on the item's popularity, if you do not act quickly after receiving the notification email, it is possible that item may once again be out of stock shortly after the notification has been sent. If that is the case, you will need to sign up for the In-Stock Notification Email again.

Order/Product CANCELLATION FEE Notice

Once an order has been submitted, backordered items, in-stock items and/or entire orders are subject to a 5% Cancellation Fee and/or Restocking Fee per our Order Cancellation Policy.

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