WARNING: The products we sell are not intended to make or look like your run-of-the-mill standard tactical rifle. If you are looking for cheap entry level parts, sorry, but you won't find them here and we are perfectly fine with that fact. However, if you are looking to build a custom, highly reliable, and an extremely bad ass weapon you're most definitely in the right place. Enjoy and please ask if you have any questions!

Product Availability Request Notice: Due to an overwhelming number of emails and phone calls requesting product availability information or an ETA for when an item will be back in-stock, we will not be able to respond to such requests until further notice. It is generally not possible for us to receive accurate enough ETA's from many of the manufacturers we work with and many times when we are given an ETA for a product it end up not being correct due to reasons outside of our control. Therefore, we are not able to provide information as to when an out of stock item will be back in-stock with any degree of certainty. However, if and when we do know when a product will be back in-stock with relative confidence, that information will be listed on the product page for that individual product in either the "SITREP" or the "Description" section of the page. That being said we are always working to get items back in-stock and orders shipped out as quickly as possible and the only reason we will not have an order shipped within 48 hours of being placed is that one or more items in that order are out of stock. If there is any other reason preventing an order from shipping you will be contacted directly.

V7 Weapon Systems Upgraded Lightweight AR-15 Port Door Rod and Spring at Vertex Ops V7 Weapon Systems Hybrid 90 Degree AR-15/AR-10 Safety Selector at Vertex Ops V7 Weapon Systems Stainless Match Lightweight 14.5 Inch AR-15 5.56 / .223 Barrel at Vertex Ops
V7 Weapon Systems Full Titanium AMBI AR15 & AR10 Safety Selector with Black Titanium Core and Raw Titanium Levers at Vertex Ops V7 Weapon Systems Hybrid 57 Degree Safety Selector at Vertex Ops V7 Weapon Systems Semi/Full-Auto Complete Melonite Bolt Carrier Group for 5.56/.223/300 Blackout at Vertex Ops V7 BCG-ME
V7 Weapon Systems AR-15 C7 Compensator Muzzle Brake for 5.56/.223 at Vertex Ops 2A Armament Balios Billet AR-15 5.56/.223 Upper Receiver at Vertex Ops - lightweight 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum AR-15 upper V Seven (V7) Weapon Systems Titanium Flash Hider V-Grooved 5.56 AR15 in Raw Titanium or Ion Bond Black Finish at Vertex Ops
V7 Weapon Systems Titanium Flash Hider for AR-15 at Vertex Ops Troy Rear Folding BattleSight - Black Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic Enhanced (SD-E) AR-15/AR-10 Trigger at Vertex Ops

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