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Firearm Shipping Policy
Read Before You Order

Please read our entire Firearm Shipping Policy and understand the fees you may be charged as they relate to the shipment of any order containing one or more firearms BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER on VertexOps.com.

IMPORTANT: Any orders placed which contain a firearm MUST have both boxes checked during the checkout process which indicates your agreement with this policy in addition to the VertexOps.com Terms and Conditions. An order placed without indicating your agreement to the Firearm Shipping Policy AND the Terms and Conditions by checking the box next to each policy are subject to AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION. Canceled orders will have to be re-submitted.

Any questions or comments about the Vertex Ops Corp. and VertexOps.com Firearm Shipping Policy and associated fees must be brought to the attention of Vertex Ops Corp. and addressed in full prior to placing an order containing a firearm. For the fastest response to your inquiries, we strongly recommend using our Contact Us Form to submit them.

Definition of Terms

The term "firearm" or "firearms" used within this policy and on VertexOps.com, includes but is not limited to, one or more of any and all lower receivers or receiver sets in addition to pistols, handguns, long guns, rifles, shotguns and other weapons or items defined as a firearm by the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF).


The customer is responsible for the ENTIRE ACTUAL COST OF SHIPPING using an approved shipping method for any order containing ONE or MORE FIREARMS. After an order is placed, Vertex Ops Corp. applies a MANDATORY MINIMUM Firearm Shipping Fee to any order containing at least one firearm. The mandatory minimum shipping fees have been set based on the average shipping cost that Vertex Ops Corp. has incurred when shipping a single firearm of a particular type.

The mandatory minimum shipping fee is applied to an order based on the type of firearm or firearms in the order as provided in the table below.*

NO FREE or DISCOUNTED SHIPPING PRICING or PROMOTIONS can be applied to reduce the shipping costs of any order containing a firearm unless it is explicitly stated otherwise in the official pricing or promotion details as published by Vertex Ops Corp. on VertexOps.com.

Firearm Type Minimum Shipping Fee** Details
Lower Receiver Only $18.75 Stripped Lower Receivers Only
Lower & Upper Receiver Set $18.75 Stripped Lower & Stripped Upper Receiver Sets Only
Lower Receiver Kit
Assembled Lower Receiver
$23.00 Any Lower Receiver sold as a kit with any of the following or that is sold already assembled/installed with any of the following:

Small Parts, Fire Control Group, Grip, Buffer Tube, or Buttstock
Pistol or Handgun $18.75 Any pistol by itself and/or with parts/accessories which were packaged and sold under a single part number by the original pistol manufacturer.
Long Gun $33.50 per firearm Any Rifle or Shotgun (Each long gun is shipped separately and cannot be combined with other items or firearms)
NFA Items $40.00 per firearm Applies to any NFA firearm/item regardless of type, size, or weight. (Shipped separately)
*Vertex Ops Corp. and VertexOps.com reserve the right to update or change any firearm shipping fee at any time without prior notice.

**Vertex Ops Corp. will not reduce the minimum shipping fee charged to a customer for any order containing one or more firearms in the event the actual cost of shipping for the order is less than the minimum shipping fee stated above.

Why Firearm Shipping Costs More (the short version)

The cost of shipping a firearm is typically higher than a shipment of similar size and weight which does not include firearms due to several factors, the most common of which are listed below.***

  • Some types of firearms can only be shipped using approved shipping service providers.
  • Specific methods and speeds of shipping must be used depending on the type of firearm being shipped.
  • Every shipment must have an assigned tracking number.
  • The purchase of additional insurance is often required to cover the entire value of the items in the shipment in the event it is lost or damaged during transit.
  • Additional paid services such as requiring an adult signature upon delivery are mandatory and can add as much as $6.00 or more to the cost.
  • Some states require the FFL shipping the firearm (Vertex Ops Corp. in this case) to obtain additional and prior approval for every shipment into that state before each order is shipped.

***The specific regulations governing how firearms must be shipped are defined and enforced by the BATF (ATF) and other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Any penalties or consequences incurred as a result of disregarding proper firearm shipping methods and requirements far outweigh the added cost of following them and shipping firearms responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The question and answer format that follows should help answer most, if not all, questions you may have about different shipping scenarios for orders placed which include one or more firearms. Although they are put into a question and answer format, everything below and herewithin is part of the Vertex Ops Corp. firearm shipping policy.

What will the shipping cost be if I place an order containing one or more firearms?

Orders that contain one or more firearms, including lower receivers, will be charged the applicable Mandatory Firearm Shipping Fee at the time the order is placed. HOWEVER, If the actual cost of shipping the items in the order exceeds the minimum fee, you will be charged the additional amount required to cover the entire actual cost of shipping using an approved method.

Will the value of all the items in a shipment which includes a firearm be insured for loss or damage during transit?

YES, for any shipment including a firearm, Vertex Ops Corp. automatically adds additional insurance coverage, should it be needed, to insure the full purchase price of the firearm/s in the shipment.

IMPORTANT: If you do NOT want additional insurance coverage to be added to a shipment containing a firearm, you must request that prior to the order being submitted by typing it in the comments text box which is available during the checkout processes on VertexOps.com. Once a shipping label has been created for a shipment, any additional insurance that was added can not be removed.

Furthermore, Vertex Ops Corp. will NOT be held liable for any loss or damage to items during transit for uninsured or underinsured shipments.

What if I place an order that contains one or more firearms as well as other parts and/or accessories that are not firearms and the entire order is shipped to my local FFL?

Orders that contain one or more firearms along with other parts and accessories that are not classified as firearms will be charged for whichever is the greater of the two fees. Those being either the Minimum Firearm Shipping Fee OR the Entire Actual Cost of shipping the order.
Also Note:

A) Vertex Ops Corp. will require approval from the local FFL you have chosen to use for the firearm transfer before including any or all additional parts and/or accessories you have ordered within the firearm shipment. It is at the discretion of the local FFL receiving the firearm to allow or accept items other than the firearm/s ordered to be shipped to them. It has been our experience that most FFL's will allow other items to be included in the firearm shipment but they will not be held liable for the additional parts and/or accessories if lost prior to being picked up by the customer. We have also encountered FFL's who have explicitly declined to accept shipments containing anything more than the firearm/s that were ordered. In the event an FFL will not accept items other than the firearm/s, you can locate another local FFL who will accept them or those items must be shipped separately and you (the customer) will be responsible for that shipping cost in addition to the firearms shipping cost.

Policies addressing what an FFL will accept responsibility for can vary widely from one FFL to the next. In addition to that, Vertex Ops Corp. WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE for any and all, Firearms, parts and/or accessories which are shipped to another FFL once that FFL has received the shipment. Any firearm, parts, and/or accessories which are damaged or missing when the customer arrives to pick up their order will not be accepted for exchange or refund by Vertex Ops Corp. Due to these reasons, WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU SPEAK WITH YOUR LOCAL FFL PRIOR TO PLACING AN ORDER WITH Vertex Ops Corp. or on www.VertexOps.com. SPECIFICALLY ASK THE FFL IF THEY WILL ACCEPT A FIREARMS TRANSFER FOR YOU AND IF APPLICABLE, ALSO ASK IF THEY WILL ALLOW ANY AND ALL OTHER PARTS AND/OR ACCESSORIES THAT YOU ORDER TO BE INCLUDED IN THE SHIPMENT WITH THE FIREARM/S YOU ARE ORDERING. Records of who and when a shipment is accepted by an FFL will be maintained due to the fact that all firearms shipments must be sent requiring an adult signature at the time of delivery. Vertex Ops Corp. receives a timestamped copy of the adult receiver's signature from the shipping provider for all accepted shipments we send containing at least one or more firearms.

What if I place an order that contains one or more firearms as well as other parts and/or accessories that are not firearms and the firearm/s are shipped to my local FFL but the other non-firearm parts are shipped in a separate package? Will I have to pay both the Firearm Shipping Fee and an additional shipping fee for the parts that don't ship in the same box as the firearm going to my local FFL?

If an order is split into multiple shipments with the non-firearm items shipped in a separate box and/or to a different address than the FFL's address, additional shipping charges will be applied if the entire actual cost of shipping both shipments is greater than the shipping fees collected at the time the order was placed.

This policy may be changed or updated by Vertex Ops Corp. for any reason at any time without notice.

Last Updated on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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